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Diagnostic Services


Welcome to Axiom Veterinary Laboratories Ltd
The Quality Clinical Pathology Service

Axiom Veterinary Laboratories Ltd provide high quality, cost effective diagnostic testing options to Veterinary practices across the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe.
We offer high quality diagnostic results as standard; these are in accordance with our stringent internal quality control policy, numerous external quality assessment schemes and our certification to ISO 9001. We pride ourselves, and base our reputation on, providing the highest level of service across the diagnostic referral sector.

The foundation of our success has been the choice of exceptional personnel to process your submissions; one or more of our team of 14 clinical pathologists, aided by the input of 67 scientific and diagnostic support staff, will review each report in order to offer you qualified and experienced support, advice and interpretation on an extensive range of testing options.

Our service delivery provision includes:

1.) Freepost, special delivery, same day and overnight courier services.
    These transport methods can be adapted to suit your practice location.

2.) Free of charge sampling consumables and p650 compliant packaging, which
    make available to you the materials to take and transport your diagnostic
    samples safely.

Both of these options are designed to provide you with reassurance that your important diagnostic samples reach us in optimum condition. Results can be returned to your practice by the most suitable method, post, fax, email or FTP.

The ethos of Axiom Veterinary Laboratories Ltd has been, and will continue to be, quality at every level.  As the Quality Clinical Pathology Service, the investment we place in technological and personnel development ensures that we offer veterinary practitioners a combination of Quality, Service and Price second to none.

The Axiom Team