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Diagnostic Services


Axiom Veterinary Laboratories Ltd brings you Allergyvet™ for the testing of allergies in the Cat, Dog and Horse.

Offering the most up to date allergen atlases and specialised Allergyvet™ technology, we provide in vitro serological allergy testing for veterinary practitioners and their clients across the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe.

With over 150,000 in vitro test performed and 20+ years experience we have the scientific knowledge and veterinary skill to provide veterinary practitioners with the diagnostic tests to diagnose allergic reactions in Cats, Dogs and Horses. With our policy to deliver exemplary quality and service while maintaining competitive pricing now is the time to choose Axiom Veterinary Laboratories Ltd, Allergyvet™ range of tests.

For veterinary surgeons our Allergy Brochure which is downloadable in the Literature Resources section on this website provides a comprehensive guide to our Allergyvet™ services.

For the general public please read and download our Allergyvet™ client leaflets which provide information on the diagnostic route that your veterinary surgeon is undertaking.